Efficient Irrigation
What a necessity in North Texas! The foundations of our homes require water to prevent cracking. Our landscapes are even more needy. Irrigation and landscape design go hand-and-hand. Efficient watering is essential for proper plant growth and ease of maintenance.

Excess irrigation can rob plants of valuable nutrients by leaching nutrients away from plant roots. A properly planned system considers turf and bedding areas and local water requirements and/or restrictions. We consider current water pressure, expected population growth, and anticipated water availability. We then design the proper system for your custom landscape.

Using Mulches
Proper mulching is mandatory in this area. Mulch conserves water by reducing evaporation. It inhibits weed germination, prevents soil compaction and can lower soil temperature by 20-25 degrees in an average Texas summer. Reeder's Landscaping uses shredded hardwood mulch that breaks down over time, adding essential (organic) nutrients to the soil.
Proper drainage is very important to your whole property. The lack of proper drainage can result in flooding, plant drowning, and foundation cracking. We offer a variety of solutions for drainage problems.

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