Soil Analysis and Improvement
North Texas soil conditions vary dramatically over a very small area. It is very important to condition the soil for better water absorption, holding capacity, nutrient retention, and drainage.

NOTE: This is the most important portion of the landscaping project. If the soil is not prepared correctly, the remaining work is useless, no matter how well-planned.


Appropriate Plant Selection
Reeder's Landscaping selects trees, shrubs, and ground covers that are indigenous to North Texas, or plants that adapt to our unique climate. Native plants have lower water consumption, fewer pest problems, and lower fertilizer requirements than many non-adaptive, exotic plants imported from other climatic regions.

NOTE: Non-native plants may be selected for landscaping, although the client is cautioned that there is additional care required to maintain these types of plants.


Practical Turf Areas and Selection
Grasses in general have a higher water requirement than trees and shrubbery. Practical and appropriate grass selection is a way of controlling water consumption. Grass selection will vary based on desired appearance, amount of shade/sunlight, maintenance level, and cost.

NOTE: Many of our clients install smaller turf areas due to maintenance issues alone.

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